Guitar Lessons

Have you ever wondered why your favorite guitar player chose that specific scale for their solo, or how they came up with that amazing chord progression?

There is a method to their madness, and as an experienced guitar instructor, I have a knack for breaking down complex music theory ideas and explaining them in a way that makes it easy for any one to understand. Learn the fundamentals and you will not only learn to play guitar but you will also master the mechanics -- allowing you to truly convey emotions and ideas through music. 




Styles Taught - 


Rock, Classic Rock, Progressive, Metal, Shred, Alternative, Acoustic, Pop, Funk, Blues, Fusion, Punk, Reggae, Country.  I specialize in various styles of Rock and Metal lead and rhythm guitar as well as Acoustic rhythm guitar and songwriting.  My teaching style is casual with a heavy emphasis on the basics.



Instruments Taught -


Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar 



Levels Taught -


Beginner to Advanced.



Ages Taught - 


6 - 106